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Character Verify
Robot Guidance
Caps Control
Solar Cells


Quality control system for characters
The system “observes” a marked alphanumeric sequence on metal (serial n° of a motor) and verification that it is
Within the qualitative standard limits
Robot Guidance System
The system “observes” the objects on a transport or on a pallett, then it informs the Robot on
Pieces presence and number
Position (in Robot  coordinate)

Permanent labelling and DotMatrix© code reading.
A first system encodes a data in a DotMatrix© code
The DotMatrix© is a compact and selfcorrecting code for alphanumeric data, extremely compact it is apt to codify in smallest spaces great amounts of data. The natural evolution of the “BarCode
A second part of the system reads the code just written and verify correctness and quality.
The same system is employed for the successive reading of the same code.

Plastic Caps verification
The system “observes” ---------


Solar Cells Control
The system “observes” ---------


Control -----
Il sistema "osserva" ---------




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