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                             In-Sight 1000, 2000, 5000

Many “low cost” vision systems available today demonstrate of  unreliable, 
when they deal with real world problems 
(like, as an example, incoherent lighting system, and/or normal variation from piece to piece).

The In-Sight vision sensors are demonstrated reliable in many critical real conditions.
Every model of In-Sight is equipped with the complete set of Cognex instruments for image analysis,
 including famous and unique (patented) parts identification tool, called PatFind™.

Using a very advanced system of geometric comparison, PatFind™ (and the most evolved PatMax™
recognizes parts independently from the dimensions and rotation, 
also when the parts are incomplete and/or partially hidden to the view.


The In-Sight systems are moreover equipped with tools to read 
1D codes (BarCode) and 2D codes (DataMatrix©) in a robust a reliable way.

Moreover, the In-Sight systems are equipped of an operating interface (GUI) 
of simple and intuitive form, structured like a spreadsheet (similar to Excel™) i
n order to allow the customer to rapidly develop their own application, 
without programming knowledges.




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