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An extremely versatile vision system

 ProInspect is a vision system planned for Automated Inspections, 
Contactless Measurements and Robot Guidance .

These instruments, collected in a ToolBox are easy to arrange, from the customer,
in “Recipes” tailored to a specific task of analysis.

ProInspect is based on industrial standards, like the PC with MS Windows.
Benefitting of modern PC technology, the system  can have great performances.
Moreover  benefits of the Software and Hardware technology of COGNEX™,
the World-wide leader company in the artificial vision field.
With ProInspect is possible to reach up to 40 inspections per second 
ProInspect is the fruit of the job of a team of specialists and has more than 15-years of succesfully applications.



A compact and versatile vision system.
Is part of so-called Intelligent Cameras. 

In-Sight include all Cognex™ technology, the World-wide leader company in the artificial vision field.

The In-Sight systems are more simple than ProInspect systems, and more economics.
Sometimes is not necessary the speed and the flexibility of the ProInspect systems,
in these cases, it could be more economic to use an In-Sight



An extremely compact vision system.
A VCM40 system is so compact that can be in the palm of a hand.
The VCM40  systems make part of so-called Intelligent Photocells

VCM40  AnalogDevices DSP™technology , the World-wide leader company in Analogic Signal treathment.

The VCM40  systems are the simplest existing vision systems, and also very economics!
Such systems do not have a riconfigurabile software, but a specific one, especially written for the application.

The VCM40  systems are therefore the ideal when a lot of equal systems are needed. All carring out a simple and repetitive task.



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