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The VCM40/50 is the world's smallest intelligent camera. And lowest cost. It has a colour CMOS sensor with CCD image quality, i.e. it has a linear response to light levels and an excellent signal to noise ratio. 

And you can use it as an area scan or line scan sensor, in both B&W or colour mode. 

It can acquire 12 frames per second full frame (640 x 480) and can acquire proportionally faster for partial scans. In fact, in line scan mode it can cope with up to 2000 scans per second. And you can programmatically change the acquisition on the fly, for example from partial scan in colour to full-screen B&W.

The VCMxx Cameras have a built-in light source (Bright White Leds) os standard "C" optics.

The VCM30 intelligent vision sensor is ideally suited to the following applications:

        Checking for aligned feeding (on a vibrational bowl feeder for example).

        Many linescan applications, such as finding scratches on a surface.

        Simple pattern matching based on correlation


        Simple colour inspections

All Vision Components cameras are built for industrial applications. They are insensitive to shock and vibration, and have multiple I/O lines for direct control of external equipment. 

For more complex control tasks, they can easily be interfaced to a PLC.

The VCMxx need to be programmed in C++ (from Robot-Eyes only).

The small hardware price make this Camera the best choice, if you need a large number of equal machines! 


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