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RobotLaser is a complete suite of laser engraver management,


It allows  upload images, elaborate them and send to the engraver, there is also the possibility of moving "manually" the laser, moving it in any direction, with power on or off, 

Small GCode programs  can also be written .

The suite imports almost all bitmap graphics formats compatible with Windows (.jpg, .gif, .bmp, .png etc. etc.)
The image could be scaled to the desired size (in mm), 

Is also possible to rotate and mirror images, 

may also be applied the spatial filter (Laplacian etc.) or extracts the profile (eg to cut a material)
Is also possible to import DXF type vector files, 

particularly suitable for  "Cut" works.

RobotLaser works use the widely used  CNC firmware: GRBL v. 0.9


NOTE : Take a look on the Benbox Laser DIY Machines Forum : 

*) Genesis of a Laser Controller

*) RobotLaser Installation Media

*) Robot Laser Final Version


This project is WORK IN PROGRESS
but first OFFICIAL release is available
The software is released "as is" !

No kind of warranty is released.

Revision History
Version 1.0.0 : Official Release

There is also a FREE Version, based on last 0.6 Beta, 

This version is froozen and no more assisted, but alwais available.


NOTE: Although the Free version is free of charge, 

is  anyway MANDATORY recording (but the software remain FREE)



Last Stable Version
Overnight Snapshot (not fully tested)
License Type
Message to Robot Eyes
Please email me at: robotlaser@robot-eyes.com


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